Team 1 « Lymphocyte differentiation and homeostasis in allo- and autoimmunity »

Tuesday 5 May 2015

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Titre : Professeur des Universités, Praticien hospitalier
Prénom : Antoine
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Research Theme

« Lymphocyte differentiation and homeostasis in allo- and autoimmunity »
The overall goal of this team will be to evaluate how different pathological contexts (allo-HSCT, hematological malignancies, autoimmunity) may impact the mechanisms of physiological lymphocyte differentiation (T, NK, iNKT) and participate in functional impairment in the disease process: delay of immune recovery in alloHSCT, defective immune responses in leukemias, unbalanced reactivity in autoimmunity (inflammatory bowel diseases).

List of members

Lymphocyte differentiation and homeostasis in allo- and autoimmunity

REA Delphine (PH, APHP)
FARGE Dominique (PPH, APHP)
CLAVE Emmanuel (IE, P7)
DOUAY Dorinne (IE, P7)
FELIX Joanna (Doctorante, P7)
SIHMAN Li (Doctorante, P7)
JOSEPH Claudine (Doctorante, P7)
PERROT Floriane (M2, Paris XIi)

maladies inflammatoires du tube digestif

ALLEZ Matthieu (PPH, APHP)


BOUKOUACI Wahid (Post doct, Privé)
BENNABI Meriem (Doctorante p7, Privé)


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